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At our core, we believe three things: (1) it is possible to succeed in a professional role without the constraints of the traditional 40+ hour work week, (2) you can add more value and be a more productive employee when you have flexibility in your schedule, and (3) non-traditional work schedules can still provide rewarding, challenging professional opportunities and be part of a fulfilling long-term career path.

How does Corps Team Dallas work?

It’s easy:

  • Fill out a detailed profile specifying professional experience and needs for flexibility. As part of the registration, upload your resume into our database.
  • Once registered:

Are the jobs posted truly “flexible?”

Absolutely. However, it is important to recognize that flexibility means different things to different people. Whether it’s full-time or part-time, flexible work can describe everything from flexible start and end times, work-from-home optionality, and seasonal work (e.g., accounting’s “busy season”). For some of our candidates, flexibility means returning to work full-time after some time out of the work force, or moving into a “traditional” full-time position from a more “extreme” role. Our challenge is to make matches happen. That is why we exist.

How much does it cost?

It is free. To register, simply upload your resume, search and apply to active jobs – it costs you nothing.

How can you help Corps Team Dallas grow?

If our clients and candidates aren’t successful, we are not successful. We treasure referrals from our existing employers and candidates. So, if you know any talented women and men who are interested in getting involved, please direct them to Also, please share any content in the site with those who might benefit from it by using the sharing buttons at the bottom of this or any page. We also love hearing from employers who are trying to fill non-traditional job opportunities – please contact us to discuss how Corps Team Dallas can help your business. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share with your friends Here is a complete list of our frequently asked questions.

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