The Job Search: It’s Game ON

The Job Search: It’s Game ON

So you’re looking for a job. You’ve updated your resume, researched the market, invested in a great interview ensemble and begun your process. Perhaps you’ve shared your resume with a job board or are working with a recruiter.

Now is the time to stop and realize – It’s Game On.

image1-6In everything (and I do mean everything) that you do and say from this point forward, you must be thoughtful and deliberate. The way that you personally interact and manage this process shows decision makers a great deal about the sort of employee you will be, and can make or break your chances of getting hired.

Your recruiter can be your biggest advocate in this process, but you must do your part. In a Good&Co article titled “20 Things Recruiters Want, But Won’t Tell You” they sum it up perfectly when they say, “Recruiters are evaluating everything to determine if you’re going to be a fit for the team, and every single action and communication – whether verbal, nonverbal, or written – can be the difference between getting a job or being passed over for another candidate.”

You must help us help you. Let me say that again. You MUST help US help YOU.

Here’s how:

  1. Be Timely. When a recruiter or a hiring manager calls, you have to respond quickly or they may move on to another candidate. Although you may be gainfully employed and unable to respond immediately, find creative ways to check in and be available for a meeting or interview. Early morning coffee, a call on the drive in, over a lunch break … be ready to be flexible and make it happen.
  2. Be Thoughtful. Know what you want and communicate it effectively. Dress the part. Be prepared. Ask good questions. Follow up. Although these things should be second nature for someone looking to get hired, they all too often are not. Represent yourself accordingly.
  3. Be Truthful. Although it is tempting to gloss over gaps in your resume or downplay touchy job situations, honesty with your recruiter is key. Address these issues pragmatically, honestly and with an eye towards lessons learned.
  4. Be Realistic. Are you changing industries? Are you transitioning from a corporate environment to a startup? You may need to make some trade-offs. Be realistic about the benefits and downfalls of each side of the aisle, and know when to give a little.

While the job market has improved recently, competition is still fierce. Don’t bomb your job search. If you come to the table prepared and professional, your recruiter can be your greatest ally in this process. Don’t give anyone a reason to rule you out.

It’s Game On!

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Dallas Right Now: September Events We Love

State Fair 2011School has started with slightly cooler mornings, Friday night lights and fall weather around the corner! We love this time of year and enjoying all the fun that Dallas offers!

Here are a few of our favorites –

Dallas Chocolate Festival – Educating Dallas about chocolate one bar at a time! Learn more about cooking,  baking, conching, and celebrating all things chocolate from over 40 artisan chocolate experts!  September 9, 10, 11 in Addison.

TINKERTOY®: Build Your Imagination™ – we all loved Tinkertoys as a kid, now experience a new educational exhibit that combines the open-ended and inventive play qualities of the timeless TINKERTOY® construction set with GE’s innovative technologies. Through September 10th at the CR Smith Museum in Fort Worth.

9/11 Heroes Run – The 9/11 Heroes run unites communities around the world as we honor veterans of all wars and never forget the sacrifices of the heroes of September 11th.  Both a 5k and 1 mile fun run take place at Reverchon Park in Dallas.

Contemporary Theatre of Dallas “Dancing at Lughnasa” – Tony award winning play is a tribute to the valor of the spirit and valor of the past. The story covers the five unmarried Mundy sisters and their preparations for Lughnasa, the celebration of the pagan god of the harvest.

Addison Oktoberfest – An Addison tradition! Named one of the country’s most authentic Oktoberfest celebrations by Forbes and USA Today, Addison Oktoberfest features four days of traditional Bavarian music, folk dancing, sing-alongs, children’s entertainment and of course, genuine German food! September 15-18 in Addison.

GrapeFest 2016 – In its 30th year, this wine experience in Historic Downtown Grapevine features a variety of new wines, new vendors, new bands and more. It’s the largest wine festival in the Southwest! September 15-18 in Grapevine.

Peace Day Dallas – beginning 9/16 through 9/21, the United Nations International Day of Peace, Dallas will host a variety of events using the universals of fine art, music, sports, food, and dance as a mechanism for connectivity as we bring the community together in celebration of Peace Day Dallas 2016. Daily activities listed.

Plano Balloon Festival – Don’t miss a weekend full of skydivers, hot air balloons, concerts, a fun zone and lots of great food! September 23-25 I’m Plano.

Friday Night Lights: High School Football in Dallas – soak up the lights and cheer your favorite high school team to victory in one of Texas’ greatest traditions.  Games, rankings and scores here!

Ending the month none other than our State Fair of Texas – make your way to Fair Park from September 30th – October 23rd to take part in celebrating on the midway, ride the rides, check out the livestock, or enjoy the Big Tex Choice Award Winners delicious fair foods. You cannot miss the State Fair of Texas!

Have a fabulous September in Dallas!

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Congratulations, You Hired the Superstar Employee! Now What?

You’ve done your job well – created a fantastic job description, identified viable candidates, conducted interviews, extended a strong offer of employment and hired the absolute right person for your open position. Congratulations! Your job is done, right?

Wrong. SO wrong.

Successful recruiting is just the beginning.

ctd blogYou must bring your new hire into your organization and give them the tools to do their job in a thoughtful, meaningful way. Effective employee onboarding is absolutely essential to the success of your employee and your business. Here’s why:

In a recent article entitled, “Onboarding Best Practices That Benefit New Hires and Your Business”, Zenefits HR Services outlines the benefit businesses derive from the investment in employee onboarding:

  1. It boosts productivity. Studies show that a strong onboarding program can boost new hire productivity by 70%.
  2. It helps your employee retention rate. Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82%.
  3. It increases employee engagement, which has been shown to contribute to employee happiness, retention and productivity. In fact, highly engaged employees had 147% higher earnings per share than their competition.

So what does a successful onboarding process look like?

Every company is different, and every culture is unique, so there is no one-size-fits-all formula. The onboarding process requires thought in its development, preparation in its execution and commitment for the long term. Consider the following areas:

Proper paperwork should be provided and completed so that your new employee is assured of compensation, benefits and insurance enrollment. Consider providing this packet of paperwork in advance so that the employee’s first day isn’t entirely spent filling out monotonous forms. Call it pre-boarding, if you will!

Tools and Resources
Computer systems, workspaces, passwords, office keys, login credentials. Make sure it’s all set up and ready to roll. Your new hire needs to feel taken care of, right off the bat.

Welcoming a new hire is the responsibility of your entire team, not just HR. Consider your company culture and design a welcome that gives new employees a feel for what is in store for them. Have some fun with it! Some ideas, courtesy of Greenhouse:

  • Send an email to the company introducing your new hire. Don’t just limit it to their education and work history—include some additional information about their hometown, favorite sports team, go-to karaoke songs, spirit animal, etc.
  • Make a welcome sign and get everyone from the department (or company) to sign it. Decorate the new hire’s desk.
  • Offer a catered breakfast for the entire class of new hires, team, or office (depending on your company size and budget). Encourage employees to properly welcome and get to know the new hire.

Ongoing Assimilation/Connection
Onboarding isn’t just a first-day event. It’s a process. Foster long-term assimilation of your new hire into to your business, and connectivity with your employees and clients on an ongoing basis. More great ideas from the Greenhouse article, “Think Outside the Box—19 Fun Ways to Onboard New Employees”:

  • Hold a Q&A with a class of new hires and one of the company co-founders to address all questions about the company’s history, vision and direction.
  • Start a buddy program that partners new hires with current employees to give them a familiar face around the office and an opportunity to learn how things work beyond your department.

And lastly, don’t disregard the human factor. Starting a new job can be overwhelming, and everyone processes and acclimates differently. Pay attention to your new hire and the cues they give you. Take the time to get to know them, and guide them through the onboarding process accordingly.

Take the time to successfully onboard, and a happy, productive employee will be your result. Time well spent, indeed.

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